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We are Anne & Elise. Between us we have 25 years of international experience, living in Europe, Asia and North America. We know what it is like to relocate your family to a new country, with a different culture. So many things need to be sorted: housing, school places, health insurance, WiFi connection and much more.

Following our recent return to the Netherlands, we have first-hand experience in settling a family in the Netherlands. We will provide you with practical assistance and information to settle in quickly, so you can start to enjoy your new life in the Netherlands!


We moved to Hong Kong for my husband’s job at a Dutch bank. I already had my own career as a Human Resources Advisor but found it nice to step aside for a break of a few years. At that time our kids were very small, just 2 and almost 4, so it was nice to have some extra time to spend with them. Moving to Hong Kong meant we knew that there was a big difference between our own culture and the culture of our adopted country. The company offered us a culture course and the assistance of a relocation consultant.

Relocation Consultant

This extra support helped us settling in very quick. We really loved our posting and our new country. We enjoyed every moment and really fell in love with Asia! After 3 years my husband was offered a job within the same bank in Atlanta, USA. We signed for a 2 year assignment.

Again we had the privilege of the assistance of a relocation consultant. Living in the USA was quite different from what we experienced in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong we were living in a compound, in Atlanta though we were living in a neighborhood with American neighbors. We really loved the American way of living and made great American friends. After 9 months my husband was offered a promotion at the same bank in Shanghai, China. Different then planned we decided to pack our stuff and moved to Shanghai.

Although we left unexpected, the move to Shanghai went very smooth. We all felt so happy being back in our loved Asia. Kids were from day one happy at school and while my husband started his new job, I sorted out the house and other things. Also this time assisted by a great relocation consultant.  After 4,5 years it was time to relocate to the Netherlands.

I know what it is like to start up again in a new country without family and friends

For me moving abroad has given me a different aspect of life. I have grown, know what it is to experience unexpected things & emotions and be open to different cultures. I wouldn’t have missed it!

From my Human Resources background combined with my time abroad I would like to give back to the internationals moving to the Netherlands. I know what it is like to start up again in a new country without family and friends. I think I can add value there!


17 years ago, my husband and (at the time) two young children left the Netherlands to settle in the UK. For me this meant a completely new start, I quit my job and focused on getting my young family settled in a new country.


Small and bigger differences in culture and habits

The UK is not that different from the Netherlands: a similar culture, I spoke the language, and I enjoyed the new challenge. My husband’s work provided us with a relocation service. A lovely lady called Sally sorted out a lot of the practicalities, from finding a nearby GP practice, schools that had space for our 5 year old, to setting up our tv service. Moving within the EU, meant we did not have to deal with work-permits, visa or residence permits, so that was relatively easy. Still, even though the UK seems similar to the Netherlands, small and bigger differences in culture and habits, made settling in challenging at times. It is definitely an enriching experience, but at times by no means an easy one.

I remember what a difference it made having someone like Sally to help us. When we moved back to the Netherlands in 2018, I decided I wanted to put my experience of both having been an expat and settle a family in a different country, as well as having moved back here again recently, to good use. Luckily Elise and I found each other and we ventured out on this adventure together.

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